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We Need You Florida Agents & Brokers

We are looking for ethical agents and brokers who are either familiar or not with the short sale process. We are a Florida real estate company that knows how to get short sales done. We only need you to collect a referral fee for listing the property is the local MLS. See below for what we need you to do.

Simple Way for you to Earn Serious Referrals $$$
Easy Work!

We generate leads for short sale properties throughout many Florida counties. We pay a 25% referral fee for you to do the following. You get paid when it closes!

  1. Send the client and us comparison properties (sold and active listings. Sometimes more than 1x. Once at the start and once closer to executing the short sale)
  2. Prepare and execute a listing agreement with the seller (we’ll provide the required forms)
  3. Take multiple pictures (at least 10 even if it’s a 500 sqft property)
  4. List the property on the local MLS as a short sale
  5. Reduce the price as directed by our company when needed to procure a buyer
  6. Put our phone number down for showing appointments

Of course you have to place it to contingent when it’s under contract and sold once it closes. You will act as a Non-Rep on the listing since we will be the transaction broker.

What we do

  1. Educate the seller about the short sale process.
  2. Collect all required paperwork like authorization to release(s), HOA contact information, lender(s) names and numbers and all other documents.
  3. We negotiate the contract with the buyer’s agent. We explain to the buyer’s agent how to write the offer.
  4. Handle all contact with the lender(s) to execute the short sale.
  5. Handle any questions the seller and or buyer’s agent may have throughout the process.
  6. Close the property and get the short sale done!
  7. Draw up a listing agreement with your information included in the contract.

Have your own short sales?

If you have your own short sale(s) we will help you through the process for a referral fee of only 25%. If you are going to take a listing or already have many on the books we can jump in and help get it done. With our expert attorney at hand we have all the tools for a professional approach to short sales. Contact us for help.

  • Take the worry out of upfront fees. We have NO UPFRONT FEES! We are motivated to get deals done so if it does not go through we don't earn a dime.
  • In many cases a seller in a short sale feels more comfortable knowing an attorney is representing them. All paperwork goes through the attorney's office for review and then sent to the lender.
  • You still list the property with your company.
  • You still have contact with the buyer's agent and update them on the short sale process through us.
  • We pack some extra fees (delinquent HOA dues and repair cots) into the closing statement so we have extra cushion in the short sale. Lenders usually always come back with a counter offer so this helps get deals done. We work smart and efficient.
  • Of course we have no control over how quickly the lender attends to the file in question so patience is always appreciated and we suggest always letting the buyer's agent know the process will take time.

We expect all referral agents and brokers to uphold a strict code of ethics and put the client’s interest above everything else. We are here to help people.

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