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Provident Funding Short Sale


Provident Funding Short Sale Experts

Do you need help processing a short sale?

Do you have a home loan through Provident Funding?


Avoid foreclosure from Provident Funding now by filling the form at the bottom of the page!

We can offer listing, marketing, monitoring, professional advising and negotiations with the lenders offices. We can help you if you have a luxury home; you are going to default strategically or are a hardship case.

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We can offer you our experienced real estate professionals and an attorney’s office at your service for FREE. We have many Provident Funding short sales under our belt, we are professionals licensed by the State of Florida.

You can trust us because we are governed by the Florida Real State Commission and the Florida Bar. See who we are here.

Since 2006, we have been helping property owners throughout Florida avoid foreclosure. We can handle the countless phone calls, short sale paperwork, faxing and communications that are needed to put the deal together. We know the process of working your Provident Funding short sale can be difficult and time consuming. Throughout the years, we have gained enough experience and expertise to help you getting the best chances to close your short sale. We aim to avoid foreclosure as you do because we don’t want you to have one on your record. We can help you to settle your Provident Funding mortgage so you can sell the property without problems. It would be easier to buy another home with only a short sale on your credit. We can process your Provident Funding short sale and fully manage the sale. Our staff along with experienced Realtors and an attorney’s office will work hard to avoid a court ordered foreclosure by processing all the proper paperwork also known as the short sale package (see seller process). Everything is kept in the strictest confidentiality.

During the short sale process, you need someone you can trust. For our firm, every case is highly confidential and we are aware of the specific needs of each client so we can choose the staff member who most suits the client’s case. You can trust our team. The attorney’s office will review the paperwork that has been gathered and will send it to the lender. We will ensure calls every day or two to the Provident Funding to check they are processing the file.

Since 2006 we have working on short sales only. Our Real Estate company does not request prepayments and nor does our attorney’s office!

You don’t have to pay the real state commission nor the attorney’s fees. The real estate commission is paid by the lender and the nominal attorney’s fee is paid by the lender or the buyer. We aim at selling your home as a short sale and so does the lender Provident Funding because avoiding the foreclosure will cost them less money in the long run. We can help you too if you have a luxury home or you are thinking about a strategic default.

We have licensed real estate agents and an experienced attorney’s office at your service in order to help you avoid a foreclosure. We are the Provident Funding short sale specialist team and we help you avoid foreclosures for free.

You need professionals governed by agencies in Florida in order to make sure that your best interests are protected while getting help for selling your property in Florida. For us, your interests come first. See The Truth About Short Sales.

We have experience in this kind of process and we know exactly how to deal with any situations that may arise. We can help you during your Provident Funding short sale process in Florida and we will make it as easy as possible for you to get the best possible outcome.

We have the best approach

We handle the short sales process with a double approach that is the best option for you. Our team has experienced Realtors who will list and market the property in foreclosure. In order to successfully close a sale, we know that pricing and monitoring are critical. A Provident Funding short sale may take months but our wide experience has prepared us to correctly manage the different situations.

  • Sometimes a buyer would not want to wait the long periods short sales can take to be completed and the buyer may retract his or her offer. Don’t worry because your property will still being marketed and promoted and we will work to find a backup contract to replace the first buyer if need be.
  • In other cases, the buyer will not close the sale because the property may be over valuated. Don’t worry because we will back up the lowest price with similar properties or we can suggest the owner to get an appraisal from a certified appraiser. Lenders only request what’s called a BPO (broker price opinion) and Provident Funding pays an agent or broker $50-$85 to evaluate the value. A BPO is not as accurate as full blown appraisal that cost $350 approximately. The lower the price the lender feels the value is the better because we need a buyer ready willing and able to purchase. Too high of a price makes difficult to find a buyer. This issue by itself can be a major factor to prevent the short sale from being closed.
  • Regarding the HOA fees, we advice to keep paying them and to be up-to-date on the payments. The HOA fees can be negotiated by the attorney’s office and sometimes Provident Funding will pay part or all of them but there is no guarantee. HOA fees are fixed so if they are not paid this can kill your short sale.


  • What about a note or a required payback? You will see this in many places throughout our website. Notes are becoming an increasing reality. Provident Funding is now having more and more property owners who do a short sale agree to sign a payback plan. This does not mean that you will need to repay the full amount owed. You may need to commit to this in order to make the deal work for both parties. Under the current Obama plan the rules dictate there is a possibility you will have to pay nothing, however there is NO GUARANTEE! Most professionals will agree that it is always better to sign a note voluntarily than to have a court ordered judgment against you. After all,  the note is not secure so what happens if you don't pay it? The same thing as if you did not pay your credit card bills. The creditor will send it to collection and try to get it any way they can. Think about it, you go through the short sale and skip the foreclosure.  Nobody wants to sign a note but if it is the only option then it must be done. Of course it is better than the alternative and that is why so many people take the short sale path. This is explained now so you are prepared to understand short sales are there to help you but they are still a trying experience. The facts are short sales are a way to avoid destroying your credit and going through foreclosure. Be cautious if you find a lawyer who guarantees you will not have to sign a note or payback anything. This is not the jurisdiction of a lawyer, but rather negotiations with your lender..


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