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NovaStar Short Sale

The NovaStar Short Sale Specialists

If you are one of the many people with a NovaStar home loan and would like help processing a short sale please contact us immediately.


Some of our specialties include being able to help you list and market your home. Our advice is trusted as we have worked with short sales and NovaStar for almost 5 years. If you have a luxury home we can assist you in this area as well. If you are a strategic foreclosure or simply a hardship case we can offer you targeted advice.

Use the form at the bottom of the page to stop any foreclosure with NovaStar!

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We cannot stress how much experience we have in dealing with NovaStar short sales. We have a proven way of resolving problems through our network of contacts. . One of the benefits to working with us includes giving you access to real estate professionals and an effective attorney’s office. You may be wondering how this can be made possible for you. We can offer this bonus to you because we are licensed by the state of Florida and we have been very successful over the years. See who we are.

You can sleep well when your short sale in our hands. Because we are governed by the state of Florida real estate commission and Florida Bar we run a highly professional organization. 

The process for the short sale can be confusing to some. We can promise you that when we are working on your case that we will handle all of the stress and paperwork that you would have to endure alone. We can take care of the incoming phone calls and fax back any important documents.

Since our founding in 2006, our operation has been serving all of Florida. Our main goal is to help property owners in Florida stay away from foreclosure. The process works very well and with minor tweaks that have been put in place we can give you the best chance of closing a short sale.

One of the greatest advantages to working with us is being to settle your mortgage and sell your property with no problems. A foreclosure is one of the worst marks on your credit record. If you are wondering if a short sale will harm you the exact opposite is true. Remember if you buy another home the process will go much faster because your credit is not negatively impacted by short sales.

It is important that we steer you away from the bad outcome of a court ordered foreclosure. Our team is comprised of skilled Realtors and a full attorney’s office. The clerical end is handled by us because we are able to file the correct paperwork. The paperwork that we are referring to may be known to you as the short sale package (see seller process). These documents are collected by us and looked over by the attorney’s office. Finally, the lenders are the last ones to have them. It is then important for that office to communicate with NovaStar every 1 to 2 days to make certain that the papers are being processed. This is a very important phase of the short sale. Since this is a very crucial part you are going to need trustworthy people to depend on. We know that every client of ours has needs that differ from other people and this is important to us. It is important for us to handle sensitive situations. Confidentiality is taken very seriously.

There are no upfront fees from our real estate office or the attorney’s. For several years this has been true!

We are determined to close the deal on a short sale. This is something you can count on because we are a focused team. Lenders are responsible for paying the real estate commission and then the buyer or lender will pay the nominal attorney’s fee. You will be rest assured that you will not have to pay anything at all for those fees ever. NovaStar wants the short sale over with to stay away from foreclosure. If it does not occur they will end up losing money. As mentioned earlier luxury homes are not an issue for us and if you are interested in strategic default we can handle that as well.

Our team takes care of all NovaStar short sales located in Florida. The key interest we have is to prevent Florida condo and home owners from ending up with a foreclosure. We have also adapted our methods to giving you, the owner, a great chance for a positive short sale experience. We have been known to make the process seem effortless to many. However, be assured that we are working very hard for you behind the scenes. The experience we have has enabled us to deal with any unexpected situations that we may come across. See The Truth About Short Sales.

Approach Is Very Important To Us

We charge ahead with planning and executing the best short sale route possible. Our clients come first and we rely heavily on the highly skilled Realtors that know about listings and how to properly market a property that is in foreclosure. We know how important pricing and consistent monitoring is because it plays a vital role in making sure the short sale is successful. There are a few cases that may last for months. We have had many years to note some of the biggest mistakes people make. Here are a few examples:

  • What if you have a buyer that decides to walk away from the deal? Short sales can sometimes last for months. You have to look at this situation from their point of view and realize why it happened. They can become very inpatient and a bailout is the best way to go. When this happens we do not stop helping you! The marketing and promotion of your property does not stop there. A backup contract will go to the first buyer.
  • What if your property was appraised at a price that was too high? This can be settled by getting a new appraisal if this was a big case. A buyer may see the price and decide this is out of their price range and look elsewhere for a new home. We do not leave you in the dark. Instead, we continue to back up the lower prices with sales that are comparable. Broker price opinions are ordered by lenders only. NovaStar will pay the broker fees that range anywhere from $50 up to $85. Their job is to go to your home and find out the real cost of it. We have to warn you that these will not be as precise as having a full service appraisal performed. You will expect to pay a few hundred dollars for the full service appraisal. If the price is lower on your home the lender knows it will be better for the buyer because they will already be able to buy the home. If the prices is set at an out of reach price it will not be easy finding someone to pay what the lender is hoping for. If you can avoid this issue you will prevent the short sale from stopping.
  • What if you owe HOA fees? The attorney’s may be able to handle a dispute with the HOA fees by negotiating them. Sometimes NovaStar will either pay all or just a certain amount of it. However, you should not rely on them to do this for you. Your best bet would be to keep paying the HOA fees and not let them fall behind.
  • What happens if the lender does not pay the HOA fees? You will find out that the HOA will not accept payments less than what you owe to them. We are at a standstill because buyers refusing to pay them. This is why it is important to stay current with your HOA fees. We have seen a lot of properties that go to foreclosure because of overdue HOA fees alone. If the short sale is approved by NovaStar and you owe HOA fees, it will stop the deal completely.

                                                                   VERY IMPORTANT!

  • What do you do about paybacks and notes? Well you will see this in a lot of places throughout the website since this is something that has to be addressed. Notes are becoming more and more a reality. NovaStar is now having more and more property owners who do a short sale sign some sort of reimbursement plan. This does not mean that they are not going to ask you to pay the full amount. You may have to do this and unfortunately you have to be prepared to. The new Obama plan does say there is a possibility you will have to pay nothing but please remember this is NOT GUARANTEED! A judgment is much worse than voluntarily signing the note. An unsecured note is treated like most other debts at the end of the day. If you do not pay it will be sent to the collector’s so they can get their payment. Think about get the short sale done and the result is no foreclosure. Of course nobody wants to sign a note but if it is the only option it beats the alternative. If you want to avoid a foreclosure go with a short sale ASAP. IF A COMPANY SAYS THEY GUARANTEE YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO PAY MONEY THEY ARE DECEIVED OR LYING. NO ONE WILL BE ABLE TO GUARANTEE YOU THAT.
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