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Luxury Homes
Do you own a LUXURY HOME or CONDO
with a jumbo mortgage in Florida ?

Are you thinking about a strategic default or
wondering what one is?

Consider a Luxury short sale!

The Obama administration launched its housing rescue plan and scores of lenders are focused on re-writing mortgage loans to make them more affordable.

One demographic is being widely ignored in Florida:
Luxury Home owners with jumbo mortgages


Many luxury homeowners find themselves in this situation:

  • Your home or condo is severely upside down
  • You don't qualify for the mortgage modification under the Obama plan
  • You can't get today's low interest rates through a refinance
  • You may no longer be able to pay the mortgage or mortgages on the home or condo
  • You may still have income and assets and in some cases significant income and assets
  • You may be self employed
  • You may own multiple properties and not all of them may be in default


What is a strategic default with a short sale?

A strategic default is a decision made by a homeowner in Florida to stop paying their mortgage by deliberately defaulting on the payment to start the short sale process and sell their home. This option comes with some specific questions and our company can help guide you through the process. You can call me anytime since the number 888-354-3575 bounces to my cell phone. I am accessible to all my clients. You can learn much more about me and who I am here.

When considering who you will choose to help with your situation it is important to know our experience with short sales is at the top of the list in Florida. Our two pronged approach to luxury short sales which includes experienced agents who work as a team through the entire state of Florida and an attorney's office with the best short sale negotiator in the country. Our negotiator has helped clients who we thought would never be able to short sale their property due to the huge loss to the lender. In some cases this loss was 1-2 million dollars. Miracles do happen and I have personally seem them. If you want to talk direclty with the head negotiator directly please call me and I will pass along your information. We are all accessible to our clients.

The methodical approach we follow to have the best chances of getting your property to close includes listing the property for sale on the local MLS to showcase it to the 1000's of agents in the county where the property is located. Along with photos and a detailed description of the upgrades or location of the home or condo, we also syndicate your listing to the most popular search engines for real estate. We are detail oriented with gathering information to get your luxury or strategic default short sale done. We also understand the possible road blocks a lender may throw into the short sale negotiations since we have seem it all. The main item to consider when looking for a company is WHO is doing the negotiations with the lender.

Moral Implications...What moral implications?

This is something that company's don't take into consideration. Recently Morgan Stanley strategically defaulted and stopped making payments on 5 San Francisco office buildings. A Morgan Stanley fund purchased the buildings at the top of the market and the value has since plunged.

How about the owners of Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village in Manhattan. They missed a $16 million loan payment and now the bank is taking it back. The only reason is because the value or the property fell so much they will never recoup their initial investment. Even if they held on it may be 10, 15 or even 20 years to get it back.

The same goes for your property too! How long will it take to get the lost equity back. If you bought property for $1,000,000, $2,000,000 or $5,000,000 how long will it take to get the equity back if you've lost 50%. I'll tell you...a very long time.

It is a Financial Decision! 

It is a financial decision being made. You must preserve what you have now since the sinking ship of an asset that is now worth 25-50% less than what it was purchased for can be devastating. If every month you are paying to maintain the property from the mortgage to the utilities but not getting ahead the loss must be cut off.This decision is a hard one but has to be made and waiting month after month only delays the inevitable. We will help you avoid the foreclosure and get out from underneath your property.

Our company only gets paid when the property closes and there are no fees from the real estate company or attorney's office who handles the negotiations on your behalf. This is what sets us aside from the rest of the pack. We push to get every property to close since nobody likes working for free.


Contact us now to resolve this problem. We have the experience and knowhow to help you through this difficult time and decision.

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